Making waves in retail

In the space of just a few years, Mobilise has turned the phone accessory market on it’s head and created a buzz in shopping centres up and down the UK. The business has grown steadily to a chain of 30 designer kiosks with more are set to open through 2019.

People love individuality

Mobilise’s Founder Quayes Norie has a background in the phone accessory market. He started our working with his 2 brothers have grown a successful retail enterprise from scratch. Quayes was determined to launch a brand which offered customers extra individuality. He created a range of ‘stand-out’ phone cover designs designs which influences and the fashion conscious love.

New experience

Phone covers are too often displayed in faceless packaging and on awkward shelves or metal hooks. Trying them on is a no-no. Quayes ‘disrupted’ this way of thinking by introducing ‘designer’ kiosks with a high-end feel. Suddenly foot traffic could see at a glance the large collection of designs. Literally peoples heads would turn. Picking up covers to take a better look was easy. That works incredibly well as customers can feel and see close-up the premium grade of quality that the mobilise brand offers.

Brand connection

For 99% of the population, a mobile phone is a necessity. It is with you day and night, at home, work and on the road. In practical terms it allows us to communicate, go online and even navigate. But in addition to all this, dress it nicely and it becomes a fantastic way to express personality and individuality. Mobilise designs are more than protective and practical, they are fashion items that allow customers to make a statement.

Benefits to all

Just like shoes, everyone in the family needs a phone cover! This makes the mobilise kiosk popular. With price options for all budgets, you will see plenty of engaged customers with smiling faces. What’s more people are sending out social media pictures and so indirectly promoting Mobilise and the Mall. Mobilise goes further by provide free charging and wifi for customers. It means an enhanced customer journey through the Mall which is good for growing foot traffic.